Color Junction for Windows, version 1.0


Original version of this game was developed by Kiniaki Moribe in 1995.

This version has been written in inspiration of Color Junction module for Google customized home page by Mihai P. I liked it a lot, but there were several features that I didn't see in the web-version, so I wrote my own. Enjoy!

The goal of the game is very simple: clear the board. To remove cells click on at least two connected ones of the same color.


Supported platforms

I have written and tested it under Windows XP, but I'm pretty sure it will work under any version of Microsoft Windows. If you have any problem running it on older versions, please e-mail me. If you want to port this game to any other platform contact me and I will provide you with the source code.


win32 exe installion 1,154,986 bytes
zip-archive 1,121,560 bytes
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This game is completely free, and it will remain so in the future. You do not have to pay me anything for downloading and using it. However if you like it want donate a buck or two to its developement, you are most welcome.


Copyright 2006, by Vladimir Svidersky. E-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions.